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About Us

Each women deserves to live every single day looking and feeling her best! 

We, at Elle Shapewear know what this means and we know that feeling when you pun on your new body shaper and feel amazing! This is our goal and mission: we want you to have that feeling of freedom, confidence and of course help you slim your waistline.
We know that there are so many shapewear options, but we also know how difficult it can be for you to choose the one that provides you the most dramatic results! This was our everyday challenge but with a combination of expertise and an understanding that every woman’s needs are unique, our team hand picked the best shapewear for women!
If you are looking for a waist trainer, you can be sure that at "Elle Shapewear" you will only find solutions that are the best for waist training!  We always say that there's a body shaper for each shape! You just need to find yours: a sweating vest, postpartum shapewear, a slimming belt, a butt lifter body shaper - the goal is the same! A seamless solution for an hourglass figure!
Our objective is to make collaborations with the best price and quality producers. Following that, after 5 years of studying the market and the products, we finally made a decision. We are here to guarantee you the best customer service, the best quality, and of course, the best price!
Are you ready for a change? Nothing can stop you! You are here, in the "Elle Shapewear" family, a community that helps you to get on the point you desire to be!


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